Island Sailing offers a variety of programs that enable sailors to improve skills while sailing more for an affordable price.

With Passion and professionalism

Island Sailing was founded in 1979 on Tomahawk Island (an "isthmus" of Hayden Island) right on the edge of The Mighty Columbia in Portland, Oregon, and we've been training sailors ever since.
At our core, we are sailors. We started where you are, following an intuitive desire to sail. Many of us started young, while others began sailing later in life. We trained and practiced - we've sailed classics and yachts, big and small, sailed in back rivers and on exotic waters, and sailed with countless sailors.
Over time, our passion for sailing became our profession. We're not a boat broker, or a charter company - we train sailors to practice the best possible seamanship and to be able to develop the skills needed to truly enjoy sailing.
As an American Sailing Association Certification Facility, our focus is on providing the best possible training and coaching we can to ensure we do our best to help you achieve your sailing goals.


We are located in a beautiful spot right out at the edge of Tomahawk Bay Marina at the end of Row D with a wonderful view from our docks right out onto The Mighty Columbia River.

Portland, Oregon

Our “home fleet”, club house and class room is located on The Mighty Columbia River at Tomahawk Bay Marina in Portland, Oregon. Come visit us and relax on the deck of our floating facility while you learn about why Island Sailing works so well and how we can help you achieve your sailing goals.
When you arrive at the 515 NE Tomahawk Island Drive address and park walk around the west side of the Marina office building and you'll see "Ramp #1" down into the marina. (We are the only floating facility in the marina - you'll see our club house from the ramp). Then give us a call and we can give you the access code for our real estate lock box that has a key in it so you can walk on down to say hello!

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