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The Racing Group are Island Sailing members who enjoy sailing and racing together locally and beyond. Joining racing events are a great opportunity to meet other members and sailors, perfect skills, and simply have fun sailing!

The mission? Build community and sailing skills through sportive competition.

ISC Monday Night Regatta

At Island Sailing Club we have been providing boat less people the opportunity to sail vintage sport boats like the Capri 22, Wavelength 24, Zap 26, and J22 in member organized club racing every Monday evening from April to October.

Racing is a wonderful way for someone new to sailing to make, new friends on the water, learn from the experience of other sailors and hone ones sailing technique. When you get more experienced there is also a lot of fulfillment in passing on what you have learned to your fellow sailors as they come into the sport of yacht racing.

The friendships made while sailing together on a race boat are often life long. Many of the Columbia River’s most experienced sailors, boat brokers, passage making cruisers, offshore, and river racers got their start with ISC. It is important to note that Monday night racing and cruising events are member organized, so dive right in, put Monday night racing in your calendars, bring snacks and/or drinks to share, get your fellow crew’s contact info and if you really want to start getting some consistent first palace positions (“bullets”)… PRACTICE together!

Fair Winds,
ISC Monday Night Group


Monday Night Race Format

17:00 - 17:30

- Teams gather and begin rigging boats
- Upon arrival please check/add your name to the whiteboard
- Skippers are responsible to notify commodore/vice commodore by 3pm on Mondays about crew attendance
- Crew is responsible to keep their Skipper updated
- Floaters, if possible should notify commodore/vice commodore if attending prior to arrival.


- Floater assignment starts


- Crew assignments done/ Committee Boat casts off
- Overflow and late crew will be sailing on the Zap 26 #22. This boat will not be part of the race.

17:45 - 18:00

- all race boats cast off.


- The Zap casts off. Captain is the skipper/co-skipper of the committee boat (or a qualified floater)


- First Race countdown starts

A few tips for the Greenhorns

- Bring water, sailing gloves, appropriate clothing for warmth and waterproofing (layers!), non-slip/non-marking shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion, a hat, and a dry bag, BYOB for dock wrap-up (no glass containers)
- Do your homework (make sure you know how the starting sequence works and the rules of racing)
- Bring a PFD (life vest) if you have one. Club boats and clubhouse are equipped with PFD’s, if you do not have your own)
- Try to arrive early to help inflate marks and rig the boat. Familiarize yourself with the deck layout, as many boats are different. (You never want to be looking for a halyard on when the sail should be going up)
- If you have questions about stowing or rigging ASK! We all love feeling knowledgeable, including your skipper.
- If something breaks let the staff know in an email as soon as possible.
- Bring your friends! (All the best things in life are shared). We ask for a donation of $2 per night/ $40 per season. $5 per race night for floaters.
- For non- members the first night is for free. After the club will charge $20 per night or you’ll have an option to become a ISC member.

ISC Race Group Policies

- All Skippers, First Mates and crewmembers must be active members of Island Sailing Club.
- Skipper, First Mate or Crew who is checking out the boat must be certified to the boats level.

- Skipper Small Keelboat (basic/ASA101) boats under 24’
- Skipper (cruising/ASA 103) boats up to 28’
- Bareboat Master (bareboat/ASA104) boats up to 40’
- Spinnaker Certified – member responsible for the vessel needs to have this certification.

- The person checking out the boat must be a Member of Sysco or OCSA (not applicable for Monday Night or Beer Can Races)
- All race team members and non-members must sign a ‘racing waiver’ and provide an emergency contact
- The person checking out the boat (skipper) is responsible to ensure all required gear is on-board the boat prior to casting off.

- VHF Radio (Channel 72)
- PFD (enough for each person on the boat)
- Floating throw line
- Boat hook
- Whisker Pole
- Floating throw line
- Bell/Whistle
- Fire Extinguisher
- Visual Distress Signal
- Anchor
- Bailer

- In order to fly a spinnaker at least one person (ideally the skipper) must be spinnaker certified and the crew must consists of minimum 3 people.
- No ISC gear is to be swapped between boats by the Race Group.
- All teams are expected to be respectful of the boats and the other teams.
- The skipper assumes the responsibility of representing the Group and ISC in the best manner possible, living up to Corinthian Spirit of Sailing. And ISC’s social environment of comradely and inclusion of all sailors. Monday Night specific Policies
- Each Team must do one COB (crew over board) drill per series. The Group will elect two nights per series.
- Each Team must rescue a crewmate at the docks.
- Complete Drills

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