introduction to cruising

the CORE ELEMENTS of cruising

Prerequisite: Basic Sailing ASA101 or equivalent experience required.

After mastering the fundamentals, our Introduction to Cruising Course introduces you to more advanced topics and prepares you to start sailing in more challenging conditions on bigger boats. You will be introduced to the fundamentals for you to be prepared for extended sailing, planning for new waters, adverse weather and troubleshooting and more. By the end of the course, students will have the skills to plan a full day or overnight cruise, and the confidence to execute it safely and enjoyably.

2 Days Small Group Instruction

Courses are kept small for personalized instruction, and our instructors are highly experienced sailors and USCG Captains. The weekend will be spent both in the classroom (a little) and on the water (a lot), and the emphasis is on learning and practicing practical skills. By the end of the class, the instructor will verify your competency at a Skipper level, which means the instructor is confident in your abilities to sail or crew without him.

Some examples of what you'll learn and practice:

- Advanced sailing theory
- Managing heel and weather helm
- Sail shape and rig control
- Heaving to, heavy weather techniques, and reefing underway
- Anchoring techniques
- Handling emergencies, docking under sail, and man overboard recovery
- Course plotting and steering by the compass

See the full class details here:

Your Introduction to Cruising Course: ASA 103

Full American Sailing Association materials and certification included

Our introduction to cruising course runs a total of 16 hours in two sessions. This will give you the abilities to start practicing and handling the next level of larger boats in our fleet.


ASA 103 "Basic Coastal Cruising" Course and Certification: Contact us today for current pricing: 503 285-7765

What's Included:

- ASA Coastal Cruising Made Easy text.
- 16 hours of instruction combining classroom time and on the water hands on learning
- ASA 103 Certification included in the price of the course

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