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Learn to sail & charter large sailboats in exotic locations

Learn to sail, operate and charter large sailboats in exotic locations with the Bareboat Charter Master Certification. The Bareboat course teaches you a complete understanding of vessel systems, trip planning, and large boat handling so you can fully enjoy your charter adventure.

Skippering a large sailboat for multiple days requires a diverse range of knowledge and skills: you're the Skipper, Navigator, Weatherman, Engineer, Cook, Plumber and all while responsible for the proper care, feeding and planning of your crew.

The course casts off from Gig Harbor, Washington - allowing a diverse range of Puget Sound sailing options and challenges for a comprehensive learning experience (unique tides & currents, shipping channels, islands, and more....)

Small Group Instruction & Charter

The Bareboat Class is a mini-charter. After departing you'll learn and practice everything you need to know to charter on your own - including big boat sailing and handling as well as systems, how to plan, prepare and cook for extended trips.

Some examples of what you'll learn and practice:

- Advanced sailing theory
- Advanced vessel maneuvering under power
- Anchoring, rafting and mooring techniques
- Towing a Dingy
- Navigation
- Entering new ports and marinas
- Provisioning and cooking for extended cruises
- Boat systems: electrical, propane, & plumbing
- Diesel engine use and troubleshooting
- Emergency readiness

By the end of the course, students will have the skills to Bareboat Charter sailboats over 27' and across the world. And, we guarantee competency!

Bareboat Charter Master Certificate

Practical : 3-day course

Knowledge : Successfully complete Online Bareboat Chartering Clinic, Coastal Navigation Clinic, Anchoring Clinic, and Electronic Navigation Course.

Experience : 50 days of qualified sailing experience (prior experience counts).

The online and practical course completion will be recorded and is the equivalent of an ASA or US Sailing Bareboat Certification. The 50 day requirement is what most Charter companies recommend for the Bareboat "Master" status, and most charter companies will charter to you with less than the 50 day requirement. The additional days of experience are required to demonstrate that you can successfully Bareboat on your own, utilizing what you learned online and on-the-water.
The days are logged into your NaucticEd online logbook and once completed - you're certified a Bareboat Master Rank!For more information, see Sailing Certification.

Prices & Registration

Bareboat Charter Master Course: $900.00 per sailor (Club Members $810.00)

What's Included:

- Online Courses: Bareboat Charter Clinic, Coastal Navigation Clinic, Anchoring a Sailboat Clinic, Electronic Navigation Clinic, Basic Navigational Rules.
- Small Group Instruction with Guaranteed Competency
- Basic Provisioning included
- NauticEd Bareboat Charter Master Certification once all certification requirements are achieved
- NauticEd Membership and online resume

To register online, select a class date to begin registration. Please complete the form and process for each student as we need those details for the class.... *note: if a member, please contact us to book directly with Member Discounts. Class Booking Conditions (Deposits, Refunds and Cancellations) are detailed here

Advanced Online Knowledge Training

Bareboat involves strengthening core competencies (sail trim, boat handling, etc...) as well as learning boat systems, navigation, anchoring, weather and big boat handling techniques. For knowledge, we offer NauticEd's online courses to prepare you with the most advanced and current online sailing education available. Start immediately, take your time with interactive content, and test online.

Our training and assessment complies with On-Water Recreational Boating Skills Standard – Sail, the American National Standard for on-water instruction in entry-level recreational sailboat operation.

Simply, you're paying us to learn to sail at a certain level (not for a certain number of hours).

We guarantee* that in practical courses your instructor will verify* your practical competency. By this we mean that Island Sailing management cannot override instructor decisions; and towards the end of the practical course your instructor will decide whether you're sufficiently trained (or not). Sometimes the instructor may want to reschedule if the weather's uncooperative, or they may feel a particular student may need additional instruction or mentoring on certain topics.

* The Practical Competency Guarantee requires that prior to class (a) the student successfully completes the prerequisite practical courses, and (b) the student completes the required online knowledge courses. The Guarantee does not apply if prerequisite practical courses and required knowledge courses are not completed prior to class.

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