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At Island Sailing we believe the two most important questions in sailing are: "was it fun and do you want to go again?" And if your family and friends and guests hesitate for even a moment in replying, "Heck Yea!" than it's your responsibility to use serious self honesty and self assessment in asking yourself, "how can I improve as a skipper - what can I do better next time?"

The way you can achieve that desired answer without hesitation is to ensure that you are beginning and always basing all that you do as a sailor when you're out on the water on good seamanship (and at Island Sailing we always add that the heart of seamanship is safety).

Our beginning sailing course will not only start you out with the fundamentals necessary to build on but also with a great sense of how to practice general good seamanship which is the right attitude of approach to anything we do when we are "out there".

No more than 3 students per boat!

We believe that if we improve your experience as a student by limiting the number of students on the boat at this beginning level it also improves the instructor's experience, which then feeds back into and improves your ability to achieve your sailing goals.

This course will prepare you to start sailing the type of boats you will be learning on here in your local waters in moderate conditions. Learning never ends with sailing, no matter how far you take it. The idea is that we will give you the foundation for you to go out and start practicing and build upon and refine what you have learned in the class.

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Your Entry Level Sailing Course: ASA 101

Full American Sailing Association materials and certification included

Our beginning course runs a total of 18 hours in three six hour sessions. This will give you more time to process between sessions and helps to ensure your success as you start achieving your sailing goals!


ASA 101 "Basic Sailing" Course and Certification: Contact us today for current pricing: 503 285-7765

What's Included:

- ASA Sailing Made Easy sailing fundamentals text.
- 18 hours of instruction combining classroom time and on the water hands on learning
- ASA 101 Certification included in the price of the course

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